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“Bistro 234, A Local Success Story” – Success, Fall 2003

Nestled in the heart of California’s Central Valley in the quiet little town of Turlock lies a bistro that is out of this world. They call it Bistro 234 and I call it extraordinary!

From the moment I stepped through the door I was in awe. The interior design is much like something you would expect to find in San Francisco or New York. Burnt orange, radiant blues, and mustard colors are incorporated into the contemporary theme not only as wall colors but as vases, window treatments, ceramic tiles, and artwork. Copper tables and chairs, which were handmade by a family friend, a copper bar, an open beam ceiling, and a wait staff dressed entirely in black help to accent the theme.

The French/American menu offers something for everyone from overflowing salads, daily pasta and soup specials, and gourmet sandwiches to one of the greatest hamburgers I’ve ever tasted. When I asked Chef Leroy about the menu he said “my passion lies in making the menu interesting, we do that here at Bistro 234 by changing the menu seasonally, we’ve found that it keeps our patrons coming back for more, never being bored with what we have to offer.”

Having enjoyed my lunch so much, I knew I had to see the dessert menu. Lexy, my waitress, informed me that Bistro 234’s specialty is the Diana Torte, a combination of vanilla ice cream, See’s Victoria Toffee, chocolate, and whipped cream. It was absolutely delightful, a great way to end my meal.

Upon receiving my bill I also received a flyer indicating there are wine tastings on the first Wednesday of each month. Interestingly enough, I had reviewed the rather extensive wine list during lunch and there were several I wouldn’t mind trying. I called my friend Stacey and she agreed to accompany me.

We arrived at the tasting not really sure of what to expect, good food is one thing but a well organized and professional tasting is another, let it be known I was pleasantly surprised! This month’s tasting featured wines from the Australian Outback and consisted of five flights beginning with a dry white continuing through to a heavy red.

We decided to stay for dinner, which was an experience in itself, and an entirely different letter!

Jennifer Duarte


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